The 20 Best Unintentional ASMR Videos To Help You Sleep [The Definitive List] (2023)

Welcome to the largest resource for unintentional ASMR on the internet. This list, updated monthly by Pure Unintentional ASMR, contains the definitive list of the greatest accidental ASMR videos ever released on YouTube. Check out our list below and let us know what you think is the best unintentional ASMR video for sleep or any you feel should have made our best of ASMR list. Sleep well…

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The definitive list of the best unintentional ASMR videos to fall asleep to… [Updated June, 2021]

1. John Butler

The king of unintentional ASMR, John Butler is perhaps better known for his buttery smooth voice than he is as a spiritual author. Some people don’t like his views or his lip smacking but everyone agrees he possess one of the softest, calmest voices ever heard. This is without a doubt the best unintentional ASMR videos ever recorded as the best voice for sleep.

2. Alexander technique lesson with Diana Devitt-Dawson

One of the most popular unintentional ASMR videos of all time features an Australian woman teaching another lady about good posture and how to sit down properly. This video contains a softly spoken voice, ASMR tingles and light brushing sounds too. It’s also quite informative as we could all do with having better posture.

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3. Eugene Burger

The legendary Magician also has one of the calmest voices ever heard. There are very few videos of this man’s amazing voice but here is one of the best unintentional ASMR video’s I’ve ever heard. I also fall asleep before the end!

(Video) The Best Unintentional ASMR voice EVER re-edited to help you sleep in seconds | John Butler ASMR

4. Fred Rogers

Easily the most famous person on our list, Fred Rogers’ calm demeanor made him a household name across America and is one of the nicest people to have ever lived. There are various unintentional ASMR videos of Mr. Rogers but here is the best. This is the first part of a 4 hour video so it should help you sleep quickly!

5. Dr. Rowan Williams

This super relaxing interview with Dr. Rowan Williams is perfect to fall asleep to! Dr. Williams has an incredibly calm voice and is a dream for seekers of unintentional ASMR videos. Here is a long 90 minute video where Rowan discusses his childhood and how he choose his path in life.

6. Bob Ross

The undisputed grand master of unintentional asmr for so many Americans, Bob Ross, has the most incredibly soft spoken voice while painting relaxing scenery. Below is one of his greatest accidental ASMR videos.

7. Helen Mirren

The iconic English actress Helen Mirren has one of the calmest, well spoken voices ever recorded. Particularly in her early years, Ms Mirren spoke in a very measured and calm ways and is a perfect for ASMR seekers.

8. The Check It Out YouTube channel

Although he is now aware that most people watch his channel for ASMR, the Check It Out YouTube channel began, and largely still is, a review channel for normal everyday items. The channel’s owner has an incredibly soft spoken and soothing voice and every single video is deeply relaxing. Here is a compilation of his best bits.

(Video) Best Unintentional ASMR Scientist 👽 VERY soft spoken British man + interesting space facts = SLEEP

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9. Thích Nhất Hạnh speaking about breaking bad habits

This very calm very soft spoken gentleman is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist. This video contains tips on mindful breathing, meditation, mindful meditation, some ASMR tapping, ASMR whispers and lots of accidental ASMR. Also this has one of the funniest comment sections on a video ever. Check it out!

10. Holly Earl

Although she only has one unintentional ASMR video on YouTube, English actress Holly Earl has made a big impact. A short video of her astonishingly velvet soft voice already has over 100k views and climbing.

11. The Best Medical Exam ASMR

This hour long medical exam has a very soft spoken doctor performing a routine medical exam with minimal talking. The video is 100% accidental ASMR and features a real doctor. This is honestly one of the best medical exam ASMR videos and on my all time favourite unintentional ASMR videos.

12. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, the soft spoken Canadian monk

With his own YouTube channel and over 90k subscribers, Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, is a very soft spoken monk from Canada who gives Thích Nhất Hạnh a run for his money in the ASMR department. In this video he talks about mindfulness and meditation. If you like this video be sure to check the description to find a link to his own channel.

(Video) The BEST unintentional ASMR conversation ever recorded | Accidental ASMR for sleep

13. Leila Ataya – The very soft spoken artist

One of the most recent videos we featured on the channel comes from a younger, female version of Bob Ross. Leila has a very soft spoken voice and calm demeanor that is perfect for listening to and she also create some amazing art and tutorials to watch. She’s perfect for unintentional ASMR and this video is one of her best.

14. Amy the energy healer

One of the best sources of unintentional ASMR is often spiritual or alternative healers. They usually have a calm, relaxing manner. This is often referred to as Woo ASMR and this video with Amy is one of the best on YouTube. In this video Amy demonstrates crystal stone healing while performing an ASMR massage.

15. Helpful Vancouver Vet

One of the best up-and-coming channels on YouTube is the helpful Vancouver vet. He, and his cat Mr. Piratte make videos on how to care for your cat. The videos are very interesting and informative but it is Uri’s voice that really makes for great unintentional ASMR. All of his videos are super relaxing but here is one of his most popular.

16. Soft spoken Argentinian physicist

Juan Martín Maldacena is a theoretical physicist who made significant contributions to the foundations of string theory and quantum gravity. This calming interview features the soft-spoken scientist as he explains various concepts about space, gravity, black holes and other theories around the universe. Let me warn you though, you might find yourself obsessed with Physics after watching this!

17. Vintage aficionado

Jules Burt is a YouTuber who has a passion for all things vintage, restores books, and collects classic videos, unboxing videos, as well as videos on buying classic XBOX and PlayStation games. Apart from this, he also has a soft-spoken English accent. What more can your ASMR heart ask for? Watch this video compilation and learn a thing or two about restoring books. You probably have to watch this again for a second time as you might fall asleep to his soothing voice.

(Video) The BEST Unintentional ASMR audiobook for sleep | The Fourth Dimension read by Peter Yearsley

18. Neelam, the Polish Satguru

Polish-born Neelam is a spiritual teacher who is now based in New Mexico, giving satsang internationally since 1996. She awakened to the Truth of Presence as her own true nature, through the penetrating process of Spiritual Inquiry. In this video, get ready to unwind to this collection of the best unintentional ASMR moments from various relaxing satsang with Neelam.

19. Chinese-American Nobel Laureate

A physicist, a Nobel prize recipient, a football fan and to top it all, a soft-spoken person with an extremely ASMR ready voice! This interview with Samuel CC Ting about his childhood and early influences among other things, is one of the most popular videos we have featured so far. Oh, look out for the way he says hamburger – it’s so soothing!

20. Calm spiritual teacher and his cat

Spiritual channel videos have always been popular in the ASMR community as topics about spirituality, and maybe faith, have always been paired with calm voices. Like John Butler, Denali is one of those who can easily talk about piousness and calm down everyone listening to them. Have a listen to his collection on his YouTube channel and try to recall what part you’ve fallen asleep to when you wake up.

BONUS: Cheese Munch

A brand new YouTube channel with only 3 short videos so far but Cheese Munch is a YouTube channel that is already an in instant ASMR classic. This lady who is likely South African (possibly Australian) reviews different types of cheeses in her naturally soft spoken voice. We here at Pure UASMR have been pleading with to make more videos but to no avail so far. Hopefully she will be back soon so check out this video and subscribe to her to encourage her to make more videos!

What do you think of our list? Comment below your go-to unintentional ASMR video and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more.

(Video) HYPNOSIS Unintentional ASMR Compilation 😵 My Favorite Soft Spoken Hypnotists

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